Now accepting grant applications for Fall 2022

Who is eligible for a Better Together Grant?

What are the requirements?

The following middle school, high school, and college programs are eligible to apply:

  • Jewish day schools

  • Congregational school programs

  • Hebrew high school programs

  • Youth group programs

  • JCCs

How much is the grant?

The maximum grant is $10,000 per year for two years. Programs may opt-in for another two years of funding of $5,000 per year toward a total yearly budget of at least $10,000. The goal is that by year five, schools and youth groups will incorporate Better Together within their own annual budgets.

The following elements must be present in each program:

  • A 2:1 ratio of students to seniors, with a 10-student minimum 

  • Minimum of 8 training/education sessions for students rooted in Jewish values and text 

  • Minimum of 8 thoughtfully planned, Jewish-themed visits with senior citizens during the school year

  • Reporting on semester and year-end progress (report form here)

  • Culminating school event for students and seniors

  • Better Together presentations at end of year events in the school and community

  • Participation in the national Better2Write Writing Contest

  • Supervision of a teacher or administrator (e.g., a Director of Student Activities, Guidance Counselor, Youth Group Leader, Hillel Professional, etc.)

To create a supportive community in which educators assist each other in successful implementation of the program, all Better Together program leaders participate in online webinars and sharing opportunities with other participating programs.


It is highly recommended that over the course of the year each program implements a project focused on participant biographies (e.g. cooking, technology, documentary interviews, genealogy, art, etc.) to frame the interactions between students and seniors.


In each year of participation in Better Together, educators receive support through quarterly webinars and have access to a treasure trove of website resources, including a curriculum database, implementation guidance, ready-to-go lesson plans, program ideas, and video tutorials.